What type of #leader are you?

“Transformational leadership’s potential to address issues that are relevant in the modern, changing and uncertain work environment is the main reason for its positive influence” – Lim B & Ployhart R E

If you are a leader, you know that you need to be effective and at the same time grow #yourself, #others, and your #organization. This means you need to have the #vision to see the future and build richer #relationships, supportive #culture, and #collaboratively work to get better #results.

But not all leaders are the same!

According to a study done with leaders at different levels of the organization, there are 5 types of leadership.

The #managerial leader

The #relational leader

The #motivational leader

The #inspirational leader

The #transformational leader

Most workers when offered a position of leadership, start with being a managerial leader. Then they understand the need to build real relationships to get better results and hence focus on relationships too.

With experience, they understand the power of motivation to get results. Then when they are in a position to influence more, they start inspiring others.

Finally, they become transformational. As Gift Gugu Mona says, “Transformational leadership does not only transform the life of the leader, but it also transforms the lives of those who are being led.”

However not every leader has to start with managerial leadership and the journey need not always be in the same order as depicted in the visual.

One of the recent examples of #transformationalleadership is Satya Nadella’s revamp of Microsoft’s culture. Nadella’s calm personality vs the aggressive personality of Steve Ballmer made the transformation contrasting and visible. By 2010, Microsoft a technology leader and dominator acquired the reputation that it was past its glory years. Its failure in the smartphone and tablet market fueled this more.

But the problem was deeper.

It came from a closely guarded traditional culture that looked at new ways as a threat. Steve Ballmer even referred to the open-source OS Linux as “communism” and “cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches.”

When Nadella joined in 2014, he orchestrated a #transformation of Microsoft’s culture to an #empathic and #collaborative company, even leading it to join the Linux Foundation as a Platinum Member. With shifts like these, he changed Microsoft’s mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more, creating a #future-ready organization.

Nadella says, “What I realize more than ever now is that my job is the curation of our culture. If you don’t focus on creating a culture that allows people to do their best work, then you’ve created nothing”

What type of leader are you?

What specific leadership traits do you think each type of leader has?

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Ashley Vinil

Ashley Vinil


A sense-maker on a mission to transform the way leaders create, communicate & collaborate using storytelling & sketchualizing