Coaching is a noble quest

Do you love going on a quest?

I do and I love movies that has quest as the story line too.

If you are a leader who coaches, then this is very relevant for you.

And do you know why coaches use #questions?

Because it has a ‘quest’ in it!

“Say it, reader. Say the word ‘quest’ out loud. It is an extraordinary word, isn’t it? So small and yet so full of wonder, so full of hope.” ― Kate DiCamillo, The Tale of Despereaux

In the last few years, I have also began seeing my work as a quest into the unknown. I see myself on the seas, in a boat sailing with faith in the Lord into a fuzzy future with dreams of making a difference. Each day is different, each day is special and there is the unquenchable thirst for adventure as each new day begins!

I remember from the movie Tintin, this conversation:

“Tintin: How’s your thirst for adventure captain?

Captain Haddock: Unquenchable dear Tintin”

I was in a conversation with Anil Saighal, a few months ago when he was helping to draw out of me a #metaphor of how I see my life. And the #picture that I got was this, going on a adventure on the sea of life, helping others on the way – sometimes joining with them on their boat, sometimes combining boats, sometimes halting on little islands, and overall excitedly sailing with a calling.

Keeping this picture in mind, I look at coaching and facilitation as a Noble quest.

Noble because it is about helping others in their quest, not by driving in my ideas but by drawing forth theirs and encouraging, challenging, guiding and standing with them as they navigate their life.

Let’s unpack NOBLE

N – the call is to navigate into the unknown together

O – it is focused on others – the coachee, the client, the customer

B – it is a balanced engagement with goals for both results & relationships

L – it’s about helping the client live and lead purposefully

E- the journey itself is an empowered adventure

What do you know about your calling?

If you have a metaphor for your life, would love to know what is it.

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A sense-maker on a mission to transform the way leaders create, communicate & collaborate using storytelling & sketchualizing

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Ashley Vinil

Ashley Vinil

A sense-maker on a mission to transform the way leaders create, communicate & collaborate using storytelling & sketchualizing

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